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Nancy Mitchell
4 months ago

I have severe psoriasis, and the body butters helped heal my outbreak almost immediately. I would suggest these products to anyone, and everone. I cant wait to see what else Catch The Vibe comes out with next.

Tariq Salim
5 months ago

If you are into havin great smooth skin and for the men who love there beards 👳🏾‍♂️that’s into the beard balm I strongly recommend use my friend Kielys product it’s very efficient and smells very good variety different flavors to choose from even unscented also click on web site and explore inventory now 😎👳🏾‍♂️

Sergio Bolineeya
5 months ago

US SINGLE MEN NEED THIS…. Thank you so much

5 months ago

I met the owner Kiely downtown Detroit; I smelled her products and that alone was enough to get me to buy what she was selling. I got so much more than I thought i was going to. Her body butters!!!!! I had a scar on my stomach that I was always super insecure about, and it has basically disappeared. She has a forever buyer from me!!!!

9 months ago

I’m never getting a moisturizer from anywhere else. The owner of this company pours her heart into her product and you can tell when you use it. I use my sweet pea body butter after a shower or bath and the body butter soaks right into my skin leaving a light shimmer and an even better scent. My body is so soft my husband can’t keep his hands off me. This company also sells a Yoni oil which I also use after I bathe and it helps so much with ingrown hairs, BV, and just keeping your girl fresh all day. Go ahead and grab you something❤️

9 months ago

I used to work with Kiely, and I remember her telling me she was going to start making body butters. I have severe eczema. I put in one of her very first orders, and her product instantly healed my outbreak. My body was sooo smooth ❤️ When I asked her why she wanted to start her business, her answer was “ I want everyone to love the skin their in” She prices are set so everyone can afford her products. Catch The Vibe y’all ✨

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